Pole Instrument Equipment

Yangzhou Xintong Group specializes in the production of rods and has very complete and advanced instruments and equipment, all of which are operated in accordance with standardized production processes to ensure high quality and stable performance of products. It can meet various process requirements and provide customers with high-quality products and services. Follow the relevant national standards and norms to ensure the qualification and safety of the product.

We have advanced laser cutting machines. The equipment can complete the cutting of steel plates with high precision and high efficiency according to different process requirements, ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the products. Secondly, we are equipped with high-precision welding instruments. It can accurately and stably weld iron and steel materials according to preset procedures to ensure the quality and strength of welds.

In addition, we also have panel cutting machines and hydraulic bending machines. These devices can perform strength testing and bending processing on rods to ensure the stability of products in terms of force and deformation.

CNC machine tool

Cnc Machine Tool

Cutting machine

Cutting Machine

We have also introduced advanced spraying instruments. By using these devices, we can uniformly and densely coat the surface of rods with anti-corrosion and anti-rust coatings to protect the products from the erosion of the external environment.

In addition, we are equipped with quality monitoring instruments and testing instruments. Through these equipments, we are able to carry out strict quality control and inspection on the products to ensure that each product meets the high standard quality requirements.

Hydraulic bending machine

Hydraulic Bending Machine

laser cutting instrument

Laser Cutting Instrument

Plastic spraying equipment

Plastic Spraying Equipment

pole product workshop

Pole Product Workshop

Shearing machine

Shearing Machine

Submerged arc automatic welding

Submerged Arc Automatic Welding