IP65 Energy-Saving Waterproof Street Light

Short Description:

✧ Modular design: each module as an independent body heat to ensure the lamp life of 50,000 hours or more.

✧ Performance parameters: imported high chip packaging patents, 60% energy saving than the traditional street lamps.

✧ Patented optical design: The road illumination even without flare phenomenon.

Product Detail

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High color: restore original color of the object, beautify the urban environment.
Environmental Health: LED no mercury, no UV, no radiation, the human eye is more conducive to environmental protection and health.
Application areas: highways, main roads, secondary roads, slip roads and so on.
Low working voltage, power consumption, high luminous efficiency.
LED municipal street lights have the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. LED light sources have high photoelectric conversion efficiency and can convert electrical energy into light energy at a high ratio. Compared with traditional street lighting equipment, they can reduce energy consumption by more than 50%.
LED municipal street lights play a key role in reducing energy consumption and achieving energy conservation and emission reduction goals, and help to improve urban energy utilization efficiency.
LED municipal street lights have the characteristics of long life. The use of LED municipal street lights can generally reach more than 50,000 hours, which reduces the frequency of replacing light sources and maintenance costs.
LED municipal street lights have good color rendering. LED light sources can provide colors closer to natural light, ensure the color authenticity of roads and pedestrians, and provide better lighting effects. It plays a positive role in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and reducing traffic accidents.
LED municipal street lights have high light efficiency. LED light source realizes point light source and small combined lamps in the lighting process, which can achieve better lighting control and uniform lighting effect.
The LED light source has the characteristics of quick start, dimming and color adjustment, and can be intelligently controlled according to actual needs to improve the flexibility and adaptability of lighting.

Product Detail Diagram

IP65 Energy01
IP65 Energy02
IP65 Energy03
IP65 Energy04
IP65 Energy05
IP65 Energy06
IP65 Energy07
IP65 Energy08

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